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September 2013

Integrity Replacement Windows

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INT72_jms_exterior_c2_lowres-300x236Durability and style-that’s Integrity from Marvin. Featuring the strength and beauty of Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass construction, Integrity fiberglass windows come in full line of popular styles. All Ultrex windows look incredible and their 100% fiberglass construction outperforms and outlasts vinyl, aluminum and composite materials. Wood-Ultrex windows combine an authentic wood interior with a virtually indestructible fiberglass exterior. Factor in our IMPACT Products for coastal applications and there is no doubt Integrity windows are Built to Perform®.

Laminate Countertops

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Laminate countertops have been around years. As many people remember, during the 1970’s and 1980’s the most of our kitchens featured a form of laminate surface.  As time marched on, many people moved away from laminates and started using granite countertops and other solid surface options.

Today, advancement in the technology that produces laminate countertops has once again made this product a popular choice in kitchen, and bathroom, design.  High definition cameras and new edging techniques has helped create a higher quality final product.

At Home Show – Laminate Countertops

Mark, Pam and Tony recently covered the benefits of using laminates in your kitchen and bathroom.

Lumber Prices for Fall 2013

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John-Colley-Final-1024x1024Lumber prices for Fall 2013 are showing mixed signals from different segments of the market.

Prices remain relatively low with engineered products like OSB due to an ample amount of supply.  We are seeing the same numbers on OSB as print was indicating towards the end of June.  A few plants are reportedly going into curtailment which may give another “blip” in the market but we are expecting this to remain relatively flat unless we lose production in the southeast.

Stud pricing is mixed.  8′ material has remained flat while 9′ studs have increased roughly 5-7% from the end of June.  2×4 and 2×6 SPF lineal has jumped between 10% and 12%.  The wide’s have been moving as well; 2×8 and 2×12 Hem Fir and Doug Fir are up around 5% with the big increase coming from 2×10 Hem Fir which is up around 18%.  There simply doesn’t seem to be many 2×10’s available.  The Southern Yellow Pine dimensional lumber market has remained relatively stable.Tipp-City

Please remember that when the lumber pricing composite falls between certain levels, it gives us a 5% surcharge from anything coming from Canada.  There is a surcharge on for September and it is looking likely for October as well.  It was thought the Southern Yellow Pine market might drop and drag down the SPF market but at this point it hasn’t.  Overall, both the tariffs and lack of supply contributes to the markets slow appreciation.  At this point the futures market and the cash market continue to reiterate a slow upward pricing trend.