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November 2013

Being A Partner

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Mike-Dykstra-SmallThere is some pretty good data on what the actual construction costs are per home.  Based on different sources, the average cycle time cost per day is between $150-$300; the average waste per home is $2,500-$3,000; and the average product defects cost range from $500-$1,000 per home.  We are continually striving to be your partner, not a mere transactional seller.  If we can help you be more profitable over the long run, then we have reached our goal.  Having the right product at the right time (on-time and complete), providing labor and manufacturing solutions (wall panels/trusses), having a one stop shop approach to structural engineering and building product solutions, are a few ways that we strive to partner with you.  Please hold us accountable so we can continue to improve and help make your business profitable.

If you’re interested in how we can be a better partner for your team I encourage you to call your Zeeland Lumber & Supply representative.