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March 2014

Andersen Windows

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Hansen-289x300Our Mission is “Building trust in our industry through knowledgeable service, innovative solutions and exceptional value.”   One of the ways we do this is by partnering with leading brands in the building industry.   Andersen windows and doors is one of those leading brands.   Offering a solution for every specific need in the marketplace, Andersen is a great choice when remodeling or building a new home.   The Andersen Enterprise includes: Silverline vinyl windows, 100 and 200 series, A and E series as well as their flagship product, the Andersen 400 series.  A focus on the flagship 400 series shows a product line that has 6 exterior colors, ranging from white to dark bronze.  Its vinyl clad, ‘Perma-Shield’ exterior never needs to be painted and will perform well in the Midwest climate we live in.  The window’s interior is available pre-finisAndersen-400-Series-300x217hed in white or clear pine.

The 400 series product is available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes.  The Andersen 400 Series is about craftsmanship, design and performance.   While partnering with Andersen, we offer a full-time team of window sales and service professionals who can provide you with the resources you need for any size project.   For more information on Andersen and the window and door team at Zeeland Lumber contact us at 888-772-2119.

Exterior Door Installation

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Exterior-Door-Installation-280x300Few items improve the curb appeal of your home like a new exterior door.  Zeeland Lumber offers a simple, and easy, ‘turn-key’ solution when it comes to your entry door project.  Offering product solutions that range from traditional wooden doors to fiberglass, and everything in between, the team at Zeeland Lumber has the ideal door to match your home’s exterior.

Your entire project (from sales to installation) will be managed by the Zeeland Contractor Services team at Zeeland Lumber and Supply.  The Zeeland Contractor Services team provides installation service to you from an accredited pool of local professionals.

Exterior Door Installation Appointments

Call 616-772-2119 to discuss the specifics of window needs or to schedule an appointment, or click here to request more information.


Window Installation

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Andersen-for-web-233x300Zeeland Lumber and Supply offers replacement window installation services to residential customers. If you have noticed that your windows are becoming drafty as they age it could be time to consider a window replacement. Replacement windows can reduce energy costs and improve the marketability of your home.

A window installation can be challenging even for an experienced home handyman. Your entire project (from sale to installation) will be managed by the Zeeland Contractor Services team at Zeeland Lumber and Supply. The Zeeland Contractor Services team provides installation service to you from an accredited pool of local trades people.

Window Installation Appointments

Call 616-772-2119 to discuss the specifics of your project. Or complete the form below and a Zeeland Contractor Services representative will contact you shortly.

At Home With Home Security

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On a recent episode of the ‘At Home Show’ Mark was joined by Barbara Thompson from EPS.  The duo discussed innovation in home security and what active steps you can take to improve the safety of your home.

In the short clip below Barbara outlined the role that cameras play when keeping your home safe.

You can listen to the ‘At Home Show Podcast’ here.  Or, you can listen to the show live on WHTC 1450 AM every Friday at 12:30.


Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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Starting a kitchen remodel project can be a daunting task for even the more seasoned ‘do it yourselfer.’  Zeeland Lumber and Supply’s gives her kitchen remodeling tips for those of us spending the winter remodeling our kitchen.

  • Select your appliances and check all specifications and sizes.
  • Find a qualified installation professional.
  • Choose the highest quality material that will fit your budget.
  • Plan ahead!  Design and installation takes time.
  • Research, research and research!  Find your style and bring it to life in your kitchen.

During a recent episode of the ‘At Home Show‘ Mark talked to Pam and Tony about what is new and innovating in cabinet design.

Lumber Pricing

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John-Colley-Final-1024x1024It is with some optimism that I say, ‘Spring is finally here!’  And with the change of the season we can expect a few changes in our panel and lumber pricing. Here is the latest.

OSB has printed ‘flat’ for the last five weeks. Personally, I believe that prices will increase at the start of
he second quarter and then level off until the beginning of the third quarter.

I have seen dimensional lumber prices decrease slowly as mills are hanging on to visions of warmer weather.  We have also experienced pricing on some select items erode as mills wait out the winter.  Warmer weather is on the horizon but I heard a rumor from a trader that the Canadian Federal Government is taking steps to clear the western grain backlog.  The move would last 90 days and require more than 5,500 rail cars to be shipped every week.  In my opinion the rail cars are not the issue; having enough locomotives to pull those cars is the issue.  I would have initially thought pricing would follow my earlier prediction but anytime governments get involved to this magnitude things can become complicated. All of this said, it is reasonable to believe that pricing may increase if transportation becomes a problem.  In the event of rising prices we offer #1 Southern Yellow Pine as an alternative to western species such as Doug Fir or Hem Fir.


Stud lumber is not immune to challenges as well.  It appears that 9′ studs are approaching their 10 year high. In fact, ‘Random Length’s’ reported there is definitely a shift from 8′ walls to 9′ walls with some mills selling 9′ studs over 8′ Lumberyard-300x193studs at a 10:1 ratio.  We aren’t seeing a shift to that magnitude in the Midwest, but we are seeing more 9′ walls being constructed.   I would expect to see the 9′ stud pricing to increase throughout the year while 8′ studs should trade proportionately at a discount.  To save a little money consider using 84″ or 92 5/8″ studs as lap studs.

Here’s hoping that winter is finally behind us and we can begin building for the spring.  The topic of lumber pricing will be one that we keep a keen eye on throughout the year.  Until our next update feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.