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November 2014

Continual Improvement and Measuring Our Results

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Mike-Dykstra-SmallOur leadership team has been working on measuring our performance to our customers with one simple metric.  This measurable is the percentage that we are on-time and complete on our product delivery to your jobsite.  We believe this is one key performance indicator that signifies the customer experience.  Our goal is 100%. This aligns with two of our core values: service excellence and integrity.

In the past three months, we have delivered product 92% on-time, and 96% complete.  Our commitment to our customers is in the event we are not on-time or complete, we are communicating this ahead of time so if it is a problem, we can work together for a solution.  Based on the fact that we have thousands of sku’s, over a hundred suppliers, several thousand delivery orders per month, with 250 employees involved, it may be an acceptable percentage, but we continue to look for ways to improve these metrics.  However, we think the real benefit is that we are measuring this and holding ourselves accountable, and that we are focused on continual improvement and the customer experience.